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Our Animals

Misty: Our Biggest Pony, a beautiful white and gray pony that adores kids and begs to be used at every party. She is super gentle and patient with kiddos. She loves to dress up as a unicorn.

Annie: Our beautiful medium pony. She is a bay (brown) pony with beautiful long mane. She looks great with pink sparkles. She has been in Jonesborough parade and kids might have seen her there.

Stormy: One of our smaller Shetland ponies. He loves kids, and is great for smaller riders who might feel more comfortable on him than on a bigger pony. He is an adorable black and white pony with beautiful blue eyes.

Tumbleweed: Our miniature donkey doesn’t give rides but he LOVES to snuggle. He acts more like a pet dog as he adores being loved and petted. He often will lie down so even the youngest kids feel comfortable coming to pet him. He has a special way of putting kids at ease. He has traveled to nursing homes/preschools and is the most gentle, sweet and loving creature to have ever lived.

Clover: _ _Our sweet piglet named Clover, who is about 8 months old, lives in the house with us. She is potty trained and leash trained. She loves to go shopping at tractor supply with us and relaxing on the sofa while getting belly scratches.

Nick & Judy: Our white Lionhead bunny is named Nick & our black Lionhead bunny is named Judy. Named from the Zootopia movie! They are so soft, beautiful, and sweet.

Ashes and Otis: Our Vietnamese pot belly pigs are very friendly! These two sisters love getting head and back scratches!

Hershey: Our young Chestnut pony doesn't get give rides, as he's still in training. However, he loves letting kids brush him.

Our Pekin Ducks: We have four 6-month-old Pekin ducks who love playing around and swimming in their pool. While they don't like to be pet, they sure are entertaining to watch!